New Yoderbilt Greenhouse Owner Series - Preparing Your Site for Your New Greenhouse - Guest Blogger Shannon Walker

Thursday, August 27, 2020

 The excitement is in the air!  It feels like Christmas, in August! 

Yoderbilt Greenhouse

(my greenhouse at the Yoderbilt manufacturing site in Mansfield, Arkansas awaiting delivery to my home!) 

We've selected our location - an area that is flat and sits in full sun as we plan on growing 'all the things' and utilizing as much winter sun as possible.  Our greenhouse will sit with the double Dutch doors facing south and will sit completely unshaded until almost sunset. It is also situated near a water source. 

Greenhouse Location

Greenhouse Location

Because our ground was flat, we didn't have to have any dirt work done.  If you have an area that is not flat and dirt work is in the budget, that is recommended.  If you don't have the budget for it, there are ways that the delivery team can assist once placing the greenhouse in its location that will help with that. 

We measured out the area we wanted with extra room in the front and sides for our 12x16 greenhouse.  We then put down commercial grade landscape fabric directly on top of the grass to prevent weed growth.  We edged the area with some rock we purchased from a local quarry (this was not a have-to, but I wanted to contain the gravel).  Next, we had a dump truck load of clean gravel brought in which filled the area up 3-4 inches deep.  

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Foundation

Next, we phoned Yoderbilt, that our site was ready and delivery was scheduled at that point.  My husband trimmed trees the length of our driveway the night before delivery so their driver wouldn't have any difficulty bringing it in.  

The rest was easy - their very talented driver had our new greenhouse in place in a matter of minutes, but was very receptive to exactly how we wanted it to be situated on the gravel pad.  As he drove away, I was up in the greenhouse planning and plotting moving in over the upcoming weekend. 

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

That was the way we opted to go with our foundation in conjunction with the recommendations of the Yoders.   There are various ways to prep your site that include a concrete pad, directly on the grass, etc.  The best approach is to make a quick call to Yoderbilt and give them the details of your site and they can provide their best recommendations.  

More of my new Yoderbilt greenhouse journey to come! 

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