Why Do I Need a Greenhouse?

Monday, March 9, 2020

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Typically when we receive a call from a customer to place an order for one of our greenhouses, they have already answered the question, "Why do I need or want a greenhouse?" And they have done their research on why specifically purchase a Yoderbilt Greenhouse (this was covered in our last blog post). But, in summary of that question, they choose a Yoderbilt Greenhouse as they are of the highest quality, a beautiful greenhouse for your space, and one that is highly functional with extreme attention to detail. We invest our time into your greenhouse from the moment we take your call with questions, placement of the order, and well past the time we have delivered.   

Why Do I Need A Greenhouse

Why Do I Need a Greenhouse  Fully Assembled Greenhouses

Why Do I Need a Greenhouse

Greenhouse Gardening

Along the way, we've had many conversations that give us insight as to why a greenhouse was a good fit for them in their gardening endeavors. We hope to shed some light on this process for those considering one. We have spoken with a lot of people throughout the years, and we often hear the same statements made over and over. There are many different reasons, and we'll list those below, but a pattern we see and often hear is, "It's something they've always wanted at from a very young age." "It's a dream come true!" "I can grow my own food year-round." (in combination with the greenhouse, a garden/containers depending on your zone) "It's my beautiful get-away!" "It allows our family to be more self-sustaining." "I can have florals year-round." "I finally have my She-Shed." "I can grow organically." Although everyone purchases for their own reason, we've had the honor of dealing with so many customers and making certain our Yoderbilt Greenhouse serves and fulfills the need or desire they have identified for themselves as given us a great perspective from their viewpoint.  

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Why Do I Need A Greenhouse

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Personally, we built our first greenhouse years ago for a combination of reasons.  We wanted our family to be more self-sustaining, we wanted it to be well-made and beautiful and we had simply had always wanted one but couldn't find an affordable one to meet our standards.  So, after many attempts, we perfected the one we love and that our customers do as well.   

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Why Do I Need a Greenhouse? And, Things to Consider When Buying One. 

  • Being able to start your seedlings is a great way to get a jump start on the season. Gardening year-round? It's a wonderful option to have!  
  • People find great rewards in starting your plants from seed - from anticipation to harvest and everything in between. 
  • You have the means to grow your own healthy food year-round.  
  • Your food budget can be drastically cut. 
  • It lends to a more self-sustaining life.
  • It allows you to easily save and grow from your own seeds, making it possible to avoid having to purchase from commercial growers or local nurseries. 
  • It saves you money, for the price of some seeds, water and your time, you can produce massive amounts of food. 
  • It allows you to grow and manage your own food organically, saving money in the grocery store.  
  • You can have fresh vegetables year-round without pesticides. 
  • A greenhouse allows you to grow varieties of food and flowers that your local nursery does not carry.  
  • To fill your garden fast, it is the most affordable way.  
  • You can have fresh flowers to enjoy and share all year long.
  • You are no longer limited by a growing season.   
  • By getting an early start on the season, you can set out larger, hardened plants when the weather has warmed, and the risk of frost is gone.   
  • Fast-growing plants like annuals (such as sunflowers and zinnias) can be started 4-6 weeks before the last spring frost. 
  • Slow growing plants like perennials can be sown 10-12 weeks before the last spring frost.  
  • (Our) greenhouses are used by hobbyists as well as commercial growers. 
  • In many zones, seedlings can be started in a greenhouse in late January. And, depending on the crop, they can be started weekly after that. 
  • You have an all-in-one gardening location; a garden shed is not required.  
  • You can have consistent gardening with plant protection in an optimum environment.  
  • A beautiful, well-designed greenhouse can add to your landscaping, not take away. 
  • You can winter your plants, allowing you to have them again for spring instead of re-purchasing everything from a local nursery and starting over year after year.  
  • Every spring, you can spend hundreds of dollars on plants. Even in doing that, you often want more. With a greenhouse, you have the option to grow about as many seeds and varieties as you wish. 
  • You can grow an abundance and share with family, friends, and food banks. 
  • It makes it feasible to start your own seedling company, farmers market vendor, or jump into the growing cut flower market. It can yield a high return on your investment.  
  • A greenhouse can be great for your mental health (just ask someone who has one) as well as your physical health in keeping you active, outdoors (even when it's cold out, the greenhouse is warm and cozy), and doing something you love. 
  • A greenhouse purchase should be made with quality in mind; cheap greenhouses tend to have a very short functional life-span. 
  • It can be such a peaceful retreat and can give you hours of enjoyment, especially on those dark winter days.  
  • We've heard countless times from customers, to buy as big as you can afford, and that your site will allow.  
  • It allows you to propagate your plants on a large scale. 

Why Do I Need A Greenhouse

Why Do I Need A Greenhouse

Why Do I Need A Greenhouse

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