The Cut Flower Farm Industry

Monday, January 27, 2020

The Cut Flower Farm 

We've been seeing a new customer base at Yoderbilt Greenhouses over the past few years, Cut Flower Farmers.  We recognize that this is an emerging industry nationwide but is hitting our region in a big way as well.  And, it's exciting to see it grow and afford so many families so much! 

What has been so alluring to us {besides the gorgeous blooms of course!} is the stories behind this new crop of farmers.  However, with Farmer's Markets popping up in so many areas, the ground is ripe for the picking!  Some begin it as a hobby, and it becomes a career path almost by accident.   Again, usually motivated by pure love of gardening and all of the benefits it brings, but then it progresses to a business.   Another group tends to be the young, stay-at-home moms looking to supplement their family income by doing something that they enjoy, that allows relaxation, can begin at a minimal start-up expense,  and includes family involvement.  The third group we often see as branches from the other two groups, full-time cut flower farmers in which their primary income streams from this newfound market.

There are several avenues in which they make an income.   Farmer's markets are great sources, along with subscription services, becoming a wholesaler to florists, directly selling to brides, providing complete floral packages for weddings, photographers, wedding planners and some allow, cut-your-own evenings from their gardens, whether large or small. Regarding Farmer's Markets in particular - if you've gone to one, you understand.  There is just SOMETHING about buying fresh and local that feels so great!  People love it!  

Another thing we have learned is that they don't require much land, but some have acres.  The ones who have smaller plots tend to start in what one would consider a "flower bed" and stick to prolific producing florals such as zinnias and sunflowers.   They tend to almost thrive in hot, dry beds {although we're big proponents of watering appropriately to optimize your crop}, and if you keep snipping them, they keep producing.  

So, where does Yoderbilt come in to play?  For a relatively low start-up to have your own business, one of our greenhouses reaps the rewards quickly.  And, that is why we keep getting orders from these new entrepreneurs.  Our greenhouses allow you to grow your seedlings early, therefore producing early and getting that return on investment back.  They allow you to skip the garden centers and save money from the very start with seeds.  They allow you to also produce gorgeous holiday blooms well past the regular season.  Some of our clients force their tulip bulbs to provide gifts throughout the holiday season - something magnificent and different than a poinsettia {although we love those too!}  

Once ordered, we build and deliver it fully-assembled, level it, and set it up.  You can be planting as we are driving back down your driveway.   It appears this new farmer is here to stay, and you just   can't beat getting to work with gorgeous florals every day!   

My Lemon Tree

Monday, January 13, 2020

This picture is such a realistic example of how plants can thrive, in a healthy way, inside a greenhouse.  There is a practical side to greenhouses, but also, such a fun, fulfilling side as well.  The lemon on the left is purchased from a grocery store.  The lemon on the right, I picked from my greenhouse this morning with a few honey bees buzzing about.   No chemicals or pesticides were used on mine other than diluted lavender in a spray bottle.  

My sweet mom gifted me a dwarf Meyer's lemon tree a few years ago.  It is one of my most cherished plants.  If you care for these little gems properly, they can yield loads of fruit in just a couple of years.  In the meantime, the foliage and the fragrant blooms make it worth the wait.  

I keep mine in a large container inside my greenhouse and make sure that the soil can drain well.  It's an easy plant to care for, and they make for a fun harvest.  

Mine is loaded with baby lemons right now. I'll soon be asking me to send all the lemon recipes!  

Thank You Yoderbilt Greenhouse Customers

Monday, January 6, 2020

We are Growing and We are Grateful 

2020 - it seems surreal.  A new year, let alone a new decade.  Never, ever in our wildest dreams, did we ever expect to be here with all of you.  I've always been in love with gardening and simply needed  {and, wanted!} a greenhouse.  I will admit, I did cave and order one that didn't withstand a season.  So, Travis decided he would build me one - it would be a pretty {of course!} but functional and reasonably priced greenhouse.  That first one wasn't perfect, but who knew it would lead us down the path to all of this, to all of you.  Our customers truly are our greatest asset.  We wouldn't be here without you.

That first year in my sweet little greenhouse was like heaven on earth.  But, I didn't exactly know what I was doing, and I didn't seek out a lot of resources, so it was a lot of trial and error.   Even though my learning curve was a big one, I still enjoyed every single moment of it.  Olivia was little at the time and was always by my side digging and planting on her own, painting pots of chasing butterflies.  Travis would pop in and out as he could.  It became a sacred time and place for me.  For us.

Never did we intend for that first greenhouse to lead to a business.  Throughout the years, we have perfected the greenhouse design to allow beauty, superb quality at a reasonable price.  We've met the best people.  And, we receive the sweetest thank yous.  We've grown tremendously, thanks to you!

2020 is a new year for us in many ways.  We are implementing numerous resources to help you along the way.  To make your learning curve not as big as mine was.   We think all that we have to offer will be second to none in the world of greenhouses.

We could not have dreamed of where we'd be today in the greenhouse industry.  And this will be the best year yet!   Every day, we are doing something we love immensely and meeting the sweetest garden-loving friends from across several surrounding states.  We hope that you experience the same happiness every time you step into your Yoderbilt Greenhouse and gardens that we do.  It never gets old.

xo, Angela and Travis

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