Why a Yoderbilt Greenhouse?

Monday, February 24, 2020

Many of you know our story, but some of you may not.  Our life is pretty simple as it is all about our deep love of family, a slower pace, farming, gardening, and the outdoors.  On the business side, some days we still look at each other in disbelief that Yoderbilt is what it is today.  It has been an incredible experience sharing this love of greenhouses and gardening with so many, and we hope it is a fantastic thing for our customers as well.  It's definitely not what we set out to do when Travis built that very first greenhouse for me.

A little back story, Travis and I got married in 2006 here in Arkansas, surrounded by family and friends, and moved to Colorado the NEXT day for a job opportunity he had. We loved everything Colorado had to offer so incredibly much.  But we soon had Olivia on the way, and we were far away from both of our families.  He had a wonderful job, but it lent to a lot of travel.  Once Olivia made her debut, and we made our first trip back home, we realized we wanted to "be" back home.  Amazingly, the farm RIGHT NEXT door to my parents was for sale.  We knew it was the answer for us. 

Travis still had a lot of travel and did not like being away from us. So we purchased a fifth wheel and traveled with him.  IT was an incredible experience. During this period, we were settling into farm life, a simple life that we both loved so much with a little one running around.  He had always wanted cattle.  We got cattle.  I had always wanted a garden and a greenhouse, we had the garden, but the greenhouse was a bit more challenging.  Our only options were ordering online at prices that were quite high and still have to assemble it ourselves; most of the reviews on quality made us shy away.  We visited our local big box stores in person and online, and it was pretty much the same.  We had friends and family who had purchased some of the same, and they were flimsy and wouldn't often make it through one single season.  So, Travis decided he would build us one under the shade tree in our front yard.  That is a story all in and of itself that I'll come back on and share someday.

A greenhouse business was nothing we ever set out to do; I just wanted a pretty and well-made greenhouse.    But, as friends and family began to see them and want them, you know what they say about word-of-mouth being the very best marketing tool out there, let's just say, the rest is history.

We KNOW what we've poured into these greenhouses to make them the very best on the market.  And, our customers time and time again, sing that same sentiment.   But why should new customers choose Yoderbilt as their greenhouse provider?  Let me share what we've heard and in the actual words of some of our customers.

Yoderbilt is known for a well-made quality product made of the very best craftsmanship.   Every single greenhouse is assembled in our manufacturing plant with an inspection before delivery and after.   We received a call last week with someone wanting to buy one of ours because he had purchased another one elsewhere, and it had fallen apart. Trust me; we, unfortunately, hear that so often.   Here are more words we'd like to share from our customers.

"Hello. My name is Mechelle Tournear, and I live in Midwest City, Oklahoma. I got my greenhouse in September 2017. It’s an 8x16. I love how well it holds up to the Oklahoma wind and heat. I recommend it to everyone that asks what kind I have."

"I am Debra Whaley, and we live in NE, Arkansas, Piggott, close to the Missouri state line. I have one of the greenhouses brought to me by Travis when he first started his business! I love it so much and have made several referrals to people that ask. We live right on Highway 62, and lots of people comment on my greenhouse, I keep it lit up in white lights year round!! It is full as I winter all my ferns here that I use in my yard in the summer!! Can’t wait for nice weather!! And love my Yoderbilt greenhouse!!"

"My name is Gena Alderman, and I live in England, AR, and I have a Yoderbilt greenhouse! I love my greenhouse! The only problem is that I need a bigger one! Mine is 8 x 8."

"Hello, my name is Kim Penrod, and I live in Hinton, Oklahoma. I got my Yoderbilt greenhouse this fall and am in love! I have been looking for about a year, and these are the best, and they withstand our crazy Oklahoma wind! I have an 8X16 Yoder Gray with the electric package, and my only complaint is it's already too small! The perfect place to have coffee or afternoon tea until the weather gets warmer. I absolutely recommend these greenhouses as a wonderful investment for your peace and outdoor enjoyment".

"My name is Pam Stanlick, and I live in Sulphur Oklahoma My only complaint ( to me) that I didn’t buy a larger greenhouse I bought an 8x8 because I couldn’t get a larger one down my alley and into my backyard
I love my Yoderbilt greenhouse and could not recommend Travis and his crew more. They were very courteous and did a super job of delivery and set up and the product is the best I have recommended your greenhouses; as a matter of fact, I did again this morning".

The investment of a greenhouse is an investment on any platform.  However, we only strive to provide greenhouses of the utmost quality but still make them something you thoroughly enjoy spending your time in.   We also work hard to keep our prices low in comparison to what others offer on the market.  Our greenhouses begin at $2195, and this includes free delivery, leveling, and set-up within 250 miles of our manufacturing facility in Mansfield, Arkansas. 

We hope this gives you a little insight into why we do what we do.  And, we are very aware that we wouldn't be on this journey to provide such a quality product without our amazing customers.  In our next segment, we'll go into why people even purchase a greenhouse.  There are so many reasons, so check back in! 


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