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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

 Automatic vents are a favorite of greenhouse gardeners!  But, early on, many are unaware that they exist and the advantages to your greenhouse growing experience they provide.   They allow simple automation without the need for electricity. 

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Auto Vents

Within a greenhouse environment, airflow, temperature, and moisture levels are foundational. When seeking out a greenhouse, auto ventilation will (or should) come up in the conversation.  For many, it's the first time they've heard of this option.   When designing your greenhouse, you must keep in mind that adequate ventilation, along with the elements mentioned above, is KEY to your greenhouse's success in keeping your plants healthy and thriving both in cold and warm seasons.  

A quick science lesson behind the dynamics of plant health.  A plant must regulate water and carbon dioxide to remain healthy.   Plants carry on with photosynthesis during the day, which leads to utilizing large amounts of water.  During this process, transpiration occurs, which is similar to evaporation.  It is the loss of water from parts of the plant, especially in the leaves.  It cools the leaves' surface and assists in growth and development, allows the movement of minerals from the soil matter into the plant,  and helps control the plants' temperature.  

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Auto Vents

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Auto Vents

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Auto Vents

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Auto Vents

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Auto Vent

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Auto Vent

As explained, plants maintain their leaf temperature through water movement through the plant and the transpiration (similar to a sweating effect) of the water through the leaf surface.  AIR MOVEMENT over the leaf also produces a cooling effect on the entire plant and helps reduce the risk of the plant drying out.   All vital to a healthy plant life.   

Thus, air movement is critical inside a greenhouse.  That means opening a window(s), a door(s), running a fan(s), having an auto vent(s) in place, or all of the above to assist or maximize this process.  Adequate ventilation is a fundamental aspect of keeping plants healthy and more resistant to pest infestations or disease.  

Thus, auto vents are a great addition to your greenhouse as they do just that.  They open and close automatically.  It is a simple addition that will save you time.  As the temperatures change throughout the day, you don't have to worry about being there to open any vents - they take care of it for you with a simple process.  The cylinders of our vents contain beeswax.  As the temperatures increase, the wax expands, pushing the vent window open, and as it cools and shrinks, the window closes—an extremely simple but beneficial process. 

As the benefits described above are tremendous, there are also benefits one would not necessarily think about. One is vital if you have producing plants, and it is pollination.  Even if you are away for the day or an extended amount of time, the auto vents offer a gateway to pollinators.  It allows them to access the plants as they would with open doors.   They also allow the necessary balance of oxygen and carbon levels that are most important to plant growth.  Besides airflow, the temperature is essential to control and is vital to plant health also.   The easiest way to help manage the greenhouse temperature is to open/close windows, doors, and vents.   Since vents are placed in the highest part of our gables to allow for the most heat to escape, they would be a bit cumbersome to open and close daily if they weren't automatic.  It will enable more freedom away from your greenhouse if you can't get there to open a window or door.  The advantages provided are worth exploring! 

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