New Yoderbilt Greenhouse Owner Series - Choosing a Location for your Greenhouse

Friday, July 31, 2020

Hey, everyone! It’s Shannon, giving you a little update on my very own journey to a Yoderbilt Greenhouse! 

Zinnia Field Pollinator Butterfly

First off, I officially got the call from Angela to go over my electrical package a few days ago when I was working from home.  I hear her on the phone with so many of you so often, I know how great she is walking you through the process and she did the very same thing for me. So, as soon as the electrical package is finished - it will be ready for delivery. 

Since I am on this side of the fence right now, let’s talk about my location choice. I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little anxious in picking the perfect spot. But, once I talked it over Angela - I knew exactly where I wanted it to be. Some opt for shady areas, but because my main goal with my greenhouse is to over-winter my plants, grow food throughout the winter, and start 100% of my spring seedlings - I wanted my placement to be in full sun up until right at sunset so I could maximize the heat of the sun. And, for the sake of transparency - I will be taking A LOT of photos for, I wanted a spot that would allow for maximum winter sun - but, I also wanted to be able to photograph my greenhouse with views of sunset and sunrise. 

Greenhouse Location Field

Greenhouse Location Field

It is an area to the right of our home. We have a lot of clean up to do as it extends past our garden area. A little peach and plum orchard will sit to its left. 

Zinnia Field

Zinnia Field

As mentioned before, I am going with Travis’s recommendation for weed barrier and gravel. In addition to a simple gravel foundation, we will be bringing in some extra dirt to the area because of things I want to add to the area over a period of time. That part isn’t a have-to, but something I want to do in order to add additional raised beds, which I’m a big fan of! 

Location: ✔️

Next up: minimal dirt work, weed barrier and gravel.

I’ll take you along every step of the way! ❤️ - Shannon, Guest Blogger 

New Greenhouse Owner Series - Guest Blogger Shannon Walker

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Hey, everyone! This is Shannon - I'm a member of the Yoderbilt team and Angela's best friend...since FOREVER. We started Kindergarten together! They are truly family to me! So working with them every day has been an absolute dream.come.true. 

Zinnia Field

Here's something FUN that I wanted to take you along on! I have ALWAYS wanted a greenhouse. When I was twelve, I spent many summer days up the road at a beautiful farm of one of our neighbors. It sat upon out town's hill looking over into the next little community. It was breathtaking. 

Mr. and Mrs. K were an elderly couple who loved all things garden; I fell in love. I had always grown up with gardens around me, but what I experienced on their beautiful farm, changed me. If I went missing {and, I did more than once}; my parents knew where to find me. 

Mr. K would give me plant clippings often. I decided I would have my own greenhouse. I arranged a corner of my dad's METAL building with no true source of sunlight into a space for my plants. I was SO proud. For the FEW days they survived, it was glorious. And, then painful. I put that greenhouse dream on hold. 

Well, since Angela and Travis built their very first greenhouse (under that front yard shade tree), I've wanted a Yoderbilt greenhouse. But, due to a different career path, I literally had no time to enjoy one. My work hours were crazy. When I officially joined the team in January, my goal was to have a greenhouse by fall as I was still pretty busy transitioning from my own business to the team on Yoderbilt. I thought by then that I would have my new schedule mapped out and be settled in. Well, I have, and I am! 

Best Friends

Guess who has a greenhouse coming??!?! I am BEYOND thrilled and want to take you along my journey as I'm new to it too! I have spent a lot of time in Angela's and learned so much from her, but I still have MUCH to learn. She is so encouraging as she tells me she still learns every day. 

But, like you, I have all of the questions too! I knew I wanted to get a jump start on the fall rush, and I can happily report that my greenhouse is almost ready, and we are waiting for our foundation work to be done. I am going with Travis's recommendation of a weed barrier and about 3 inches of clean gravel. There are all different types of variations you can use, but that's the way Angela's greenhouse is set up, so I'm going with that. It's simple, allows for excellent drainage, and it just works! 

I will start posting pictures at the time our foundation work gets started. And, I'll take you through the process from that point on. Today, a little push mower should arrive so I can keep my greenhouse area neat and tidy. 

What color combo do you think I got? Hopefully, I'll be able to post that soon as it is driving down my driveway!

AND all of that to let you know that I understand what it feels like now to be at the point of being a greenhouse owner. Finally, I have ALLLLL the questions that you do! So, I will pop in and update you as I go. Just picking out my spot took me FOREVER. 

I am also their photographer - so plan on an overload of pictures too!  I will say that because I'm a photographer, I am a VERY visual person. So, I've ordered fun stuff for the inside, including a sweet chandelier! Next to my lawnmower (ha!), I have a list of favorite things I will share too!

And, feel free to ask me any questions along the way. If I haven't figured it out yet, I have the greenhouse pro sitting next to me most days. 


What is the Ordering Process of a Yoderbilt Greenhouse?

Where do I start? That is a question we hear so often! There are SO many choices in making our greenhouses your own , but we try to make the process as EASY as possible for you! 

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Sunrise

Yoderbilt Fully Assembled Greenhouse

We often have those that would love to have one of our greenhouses, but still have so many questions and aren't ready to order. That's totally fine! We've all been there.  If you'd like, give us a call, and we can chat! That one phone call will often reduce your questions by obtaining information on the product and the process. No pressure. Simply information gathering. 

Yoderbilt Fully Assembled Greenhouse

We have those that KNOW they are going to get one; they are just in the planning phase. That's fine too! It is still beneficial to walk through your options and get a plan in place. Doing this often helps you know exactly what you want when you are ready. Again, no pressure, just gathering information for when you are ready. 

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse

We have those who KNOW they want one but aren't ready for delivery quite yet. That's fine! This year, we implemented a PREORDER process, and it has worked out so great.  Again, you give us a call, and we walk you through the options, what you need versus what you don't need for what you have in mind for your greenhouse. Again, zero pressure.  You place your order (when you are ready), you pay your deposit and tell us when you are ready for delivery. The remaining balance is not due until you are ready for delivery. For example, you can order today and tell us you would like delivery scheduled for somewhere around the 3rd week of November or around the 5th of December - whenever you are ready.  Or, it could be a gift, and you need it on a more specific delivery schedule. We can work with that. This option allows those that KNOW they want one soon but may not be quite ready yet. This option will enable you to get on the build list and helps you plan out the process over a more extended period. 

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse

We have those who KNOW they want to order today, and they do! Again, a simple, no-pressure phone call will make that happen.  We get as excited as you do when we hear how excited you are!  

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse Dutch Door

This summer, we've seen a significant uptick in people wanting to grow their food. They know they want to add one of our greenhouses into their daily life. They may not want to utilize the cash they have on hand or want to use a different option. We do have a monthly payment plan option available. You can also phone in to learn about the details and see what your monthly payment would be.

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse
There are SO many options, but so many ways to make the task stress free and enjoyable.   We strive to not only serve you but serve you VERY well. We want to help make that dream of a greenhouse a reality with a greenhouse that stands out above the competition, is of the utmost quality, built to last, and adds beauty to any setting. 

Fully Assembled Yoderbilt Greenhouse

We are open Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, and look forward to each and every call!  479.849.4385

Zinnias - Why You Should Have Zinnias in Your Garden

Friday, July 24, 2020

Let's chat about a fun, gorgeous, easy to grow flower that if you don't have in your garden or gardens plans, you should! Zinnias have always been a favorite of many gardeners!  It's at the top of the list for me! Their variety assortment is gorgeous and fun; they are easy to grow, seeds are inexpensive, but also easy to collect, save and share, and they will give you loads of bouquets from late spring/early summer until the first frost of fall.

Zinnia Field

Zinnia Field

So, what makes this little seed have such a powerful punch? The list is endless. As mentioned above, I think two key elements, if I had to narrow down the long list, would be they are SO easy to grow and they produce a bountiful harvest week after week from the first bloom until that first frost. 

Zinnia Field Bouquet

I'm going to list a few things that make this a tried and true flower that almost all commercial and home gardeners love or will come to love...

  • They LOVE hot weather. Living in the south, this is definitely not always the case with every pretty plant. But, the hotter the summer gets, the more they seem to shine! 

  • They require very little maintenance. They don't have a lot of problems, but if you have Japanese beetles in your area, they love them as much as the gardeners do. So, if you tend to have these critters in your area, plan on about a month-long attack at which time you can cut back their destruction after they've left, and in a couple of weeks, your plants tend to come back for the remainder of summer. Also, as the nights tend to cool, you can sometimes get powdery mildew if your plants are planted close together, not allowing a lot of airflow. There are remedies for this, though. 

  • If you want a bounty of fresh flowers that continue to have large blooms - consider successive planting. About every two weeks, plant another small crop in your space, and you will continually yield optimal flowers.   

  • The pollinators LOVE them. If you have zinnias, you will see countless bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. It's a win-win. 

  • Do you want a fresh bouquet or bouquets all summer long? Plant zinnias, as many as your space, will allow. That will give you the benefit of sharing with someone else.  

  • They are FAST growing. That is a crucial component as to why successive planting is such a benefit to this particular plant. 

Zinnia Field

Zinnia Field

Yoderbilt Greenhouses - The Story of Us

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

zinnia field

It's been such a humbling experience that so many of you have discovered our family business and taken steps to improve your gardening ability and experience. Every day we have the opportunity to speak with so many of you - it's a joy for us!  

Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Yoderbilt Family Mountain

After leaving corporate America in 2007 for a slower-paced life, we settled on a farm in Arkansas.  In 2011, we began looking for a greenhouse to be more self-sufficient.  It was something that we wanted to enjoy with Olivia.  However, we found ourselves extremely disappointed in the available greenhouses. They all came in kits, lacked quality, and were very unattractive, no matter how high the price was. That spring, we set out to build a greenhouse under a shade tree in our front yard.  We had no idea that ALL of the work that went on under that shade tree would become a thriving industry leader for greenhouses.  We are currently serving a seven-state area with plans for expansion.  For that, we thank our loyal Yoderbilt customers.  

Yoder Family Portrait Session

Yoder Family Portrait Session

Yoder Family Portrait Session
I got tickled and Oliva gave up on us. ha! 

Yoder Family Portrait Session

Yoder Family Portrait Session

Yoder Family Portrait Session

Today, Yoderbilt strives to build the greenhouse that their competitors don't - a fully-assembled, quality-constructed, made-to-order greenhouse that will stand the test of time. We hope our story inspires you to write one of our own, and that we can be a part of it.

Beginning a Garden - The In-Ground Garden Bed

Thursday, July 9, 2020

And, last, but not least in our gardening series, the in-ground garden bed.   This is the most traditional of our garden bed options.  There are many advantages as well as a few disadvantages to this option.  
zinnia flower garden

For many, this is the only type of garden bed that they will consider as it has been the tried and true garden choice for their family for generations.  If you have the right equipment and enough space, it just makes sense.   Some of the tools you will need to make this a feasible option are a tiller, a tractor with a tiller, a sod cutter, or a sharp spade.   

shovel garden

Some advantages include using the existing soil.  It is always advantageous to take a soil sample in for testing and amend the soil as recommended.   Another advantage is that it is the most economical if you have the equipment to set up the garden plot, as mentioned above.  It can be less permanent,  requires less watering, and is typically much easier to irrigate.  

As with the other options included in this series, there are factors that must be considered when implementing this option.   You must choose the right location.  This should consist of a somewhat level site that will provide good drainage and be 6-8 hours per day in the sun. It is preferable to have it near your house for the sake of convenience.   

zinnia flower garden

zinnia flower garden

zinnia flower garden

zinnia flower garden

This type of bed may require more weeding and the addition of nutrients throughout the garden season.  But, when maintained regularly, these obstacles can be kept in check. 

in-ground garden bed

This is a great way to grow a garden and makes the most sense for so many!  
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