When is the best time to order a Yoderbilt Greenhouse?

Thursday, February 27, 2020

We often get asked when is the best time to order one of your greenhouses.  The answer is now.  We have a steady influx of orders year-round, but we have different peak seasons here at Yoderbilt in which our customers are ordering.  And, we are right in the middle of one of those peaks now.  Summer tends to slow down a bit, with the exception of last year.  The orders came in year round in an even pace.

Here in Arkansas, it seems like we've had countless dark, cloudy, rainy, cold days this year.  For weeks and weeks on end.  We currently include parts of Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee into our regular regional area.  We do occasionally go outside that area, but for the most part,  our weather can be similar.  With the cold and often rainy days of approaching spring,  that actually means it is the perfect time to be thinking about getting your greenhouse ordered and set-up.   We work diligently to get your greenhouse built and delivered once your purchase is made.

January through early summer is a busy time at Yoderbilt.  Many plants can be grown from fall straight through February and beyond, and then March changes everything.  By March, seed catalogs have been set aside as orders have arrived, and gardeners will already have their seed packets lined up ready to go.   March is usually "go time" for many seedling varieties to be planted.  So, as March progresses and the garden continues to hibernate, seedlings are growing like crazy in the protected greenhouse.   If you truly want to steal a couple of months to add to your gardening is the time to give us a call at 479.849.4385,

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