Beginning a Garden - The In-Ground Garden Bed

Thursday, July 9, 2020

And, last, but not least in our gardening series, the in-ground garden bed.   This is the most traditional of our garden bed options.  There are many advantages as well as a few disadvantages to this option.  
zinnia flower garden

For many, this is the only type of garden bed that they will consider as it has been the tried and true garden choice for their family for generations.  If you have the right equipment and enough space, it just makes sense.   Some of the tools you will need to make this a feasible option are a tiller, a tractor with a tiller, a sod cutter, or a sharp spade.   

shovel garden

Some advantages include using the existing soil.  It is always advantageous to take a soil sample in for testing and amend the soil as recommended.   Another advantage is that it is the most economical if you have the equipment to set up the garden plot, as mentioned above.  It can be less permanent,  requires less watering, and is typically much easier to irrigate.  

As with the other options included in this series, there are factors that must be considered when implementing this option.   You must choose the right location.  This should consist of a somewhat level site that will provide good drainage and be 6-8 hours per day in the sun. It is preferable to have it near your house for the sake of convenience.   

zinnia flower garden

zinnia flower garden

zinnia flower garden

zinnia flower garden

This type of bed may require more weeding and the addition of nutrients throughout the garden season.  But, when maintained regularly, these obstacles can be kept in check. 

in-ground garden bed

This is a great way to grow a garden and makes the most sense for so many!  

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