The Journey of a New Yoderbilt Greenhouse Owner, Part 2

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Mansfield, AR 72944, USA

 It's Delivery Day! 

The wait is hard but so worth it! Our customers often compare it to waiting for Christmas as a child, and I agree wholeheartedly.   

Once your greenhouse is built, Yoderbilt's Customer Service Department will call you for final payment and schedule your delivery. Even though I work for Yoderbilt (as disclosed in Part 1 of this series), their Customer Service is known to be superb. It is foundational for the success of this company and something they are very proud of. 

When you receive that highly anticipated phone call, your prep work should have been completed to avoid any unexpected delays; this includes foundation work, trimming back any overhanging trees, fencing, or gates that need to be temporarily removed, etc. All of which they will go over with your prior.   We did have to trim some trees on our driveway. I will be honest, I thought they were tall enough not to interfere, but after further discussion, they weren't, and we needed to complete that before delivery. 

Trust me...

You will want to be ready when you get that call to schedule. 

So, my greenhouse was finished, and I got a call from the office to schedule. I was also given an approximate time the delivery would occur, and the driver contacted me when he was on his way with a more accurate delivery time.  

As soon as I could hear the truck on my driveway, I was ecstatic. I knew my gardening game was about to change. A long-awaited dream was coming true right before my eyes.  

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

The process of watching them unload and set into place is pretty incredible.   He checked my site, and he was ready to place it. The entire process was quick and uneventful. No leveling was needed, but in some cases, they will need to use some capstones to ensure it is all level before they leave.   Your sales staff will go over all that entails and how many capstones to have on hand.  

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

Yoderbilt Greenhouse Delivery

That was it! The driver went over the greenhouse with me, and he was on his way to his next delivery. I started moving things in as he drove back down my driveway. 

Yoderbilt Greenhouse

Very impressive! The delivery drivers have this down to almost a fine art.  They are some of the most complimented employees of Yoderbilt. 

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